Omilk (LC)
Cefquinome Sulfate Intramammary Infusion(Lactating Cow)

-- Clinical mastitis specifics medicine
National class new veterinary drugs, the Ministry of agriculture awarded the certificate of new veterinary medicine
1.Domestic initiatives efficient broad-spectrum fourth-generation cephalosporins intramammary infusion
2.Revolutionary available formula, rapid treatment of mastitis
3.Effective treatment of economic worry 

Active Ingredient
Cefquinome Sulfate
White or light yellow suspension.
β-lactam antibiotics. Cefquinome is the fourth-generation cephalosporin antibiotics for animals. It has strossng antibacterial activity against common gram negative bacteria and gram positive bacteria. Cefquinome was not detected in the plasma after the injection, and the drug was mainly excreted by milking.
For the treatment of 
lactation mastitis in dairy cows caused by sensitive bacterias (such as Streptococcus,Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli).
Dosage and Administration
Intramammary infusion: lactating cows, after milking, each infected breast inject one syringe of this product , administration every 12 hours,continuously adminster 3 times.
Adverse Reaction
The recommended doses are used, no adverse reactions 
(1) Only for lactating dairy cow mastitis. 
(2) L-lactam antibiotics-sensitive animals disabled.
(3) If the product is stored in the condition with temperature below -20 ℃ more than 12 hours, it should be placed at room temperature for 20 minutes before clinical use.
(4) Before administration, use appropriate disinfectant to clean the nipple and its edges, empty the milk of the infected breast. Inserted the syringe into the duct, slowly inject the product, and massage the breast so that the goods dispersed evenly in the breast.
(5) Syringes and injection agents for one-time use only. After administrion, the residue product should be discarded.
(6) Those who are allergic to this drug should avoid directly contact with the product.
(7) After using this product, there is no safety inspection of veterinary drug residues in muscles and other edible tissues other than milk. Please exercise caution.
Discard Time
96 hours.

Below 25 ℃, shading, sealed preservation.
Each 8.0 g contains C23H24N6O5S2  75mg. 

Package Specification
8.0g/Syringe, 24 Syringes/Box

Below 25 ℃, shading, sealed preservation.

Shelf Life 
Two years.

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