Eprinomectin Injection 1%,5%

Main Ingredients

This product is colorless or light yellow transparent liquid, slightly sticky solution.

Pharmacological Action
Pharmacodynamics  Eprinomectin can dispel and kill both Nematode and arthropod.      It can increase the release of inhibitory neurotransmitter - aminobutyric acid (GABA) in worm, and open the Cl- channel controlled by glutamate, enhance the permeability of neural Mo to Cl-. Thereby the transmission of nerve signals was blocked and result in paralysis, muscle cells lose their contractile ability, leading the parasites die. Acetylcholine(GABA) , which is the peripheral neurotransmitters of mammal, distributed in the central nervous system. Because the drug can not through the blood-brain barrier easily , it has small impact on GABA. Therefore, the drug is safety. The mechanism of this drug on parasite reproduction is not clear, but it can reduce the spawning of ticks, make the nematode egg on ruminants morphology and silkworm infertility.
Pharmacokinetics  39hours after injection, reach the highest plasma concentration, half-life of absorption(T1/2ka) is 11.9 hours. The elimination half-life (T/ke) in plasma is 164 hours, elimination(ClB)is 0.026L .kg-1.h-1, the apparent distribution volume (V) is 6.29 L.kg-1 and the area under the curve (AUC) is 7354 ng.h.ml-1. The maximum drug concentration in milk is much lower than that in plasma and the distribution in milk is the lowest.
 Eprinomectin Injection is a broad-spectrum antiparasitic product. Can be used to dispel and kill endoparasite(such as gastrointestinal nematodes, lung nematodes) and ectoparasites(such as mites, ticks, lice, leather fly maggots,etc.)

Usage and Dosage
Subcutaneous injection, cattle for 0.2ml per 10kg

Adverse Reactions
No adverse reactions

This product is only for subcutaneous injection, not for muscle or intravenous injection

Withdrawal Period
1 day beef cattle, 1 day the cow abandoned milk

Content Specification
50ml: 0.5g


Shading, sealed, cool

Shelf Life
 2 years

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