Sulfachloropyrazine Sodium Soluble Powder 30%

Appearance: Light yellow powder.

Pharmacologica Effects
This product is a sulfa anticoccidial drug, the peak period of action is the second generation schizont of coccidia, also has a certain effect on the first generation schizont. This product has a strong antibacterial effect and is also effective against Pasteurellosis and Typhoid fever in poultry. This product does not affect the host's immunity to coccidia. This product is absorbed rapidly in the digestive tract after oral administration, peaks in blood concentration 3 to 4 hours, and is quickly excreted by the kidneys.

Anti-coccidiosis medicine. For the treatment of sheep, chickens, rabbit coccidiosis. Can also be used for Pasteurella, typhoid in poultry.

Usage & Dosage
Mix with drinking water: For broiler or turkey, each 1 g of the product mix with 1 liter of water. For three days.
Mix with feed: For broiler or turkey, each 2000g of the product mix with 1 ton of feed, for three days.
For rabbit, each 2000g of the product mix with 1 ton of feed, for five to ten days.
Oral administration: For sheep, dilute to 10% solution, 1.2ml per kg body weight.
Adverse Reaction
Use according to the prescribed usage and dosage has not yet seen adverse reactions.

Withdrawal Period
Sheep 28 days(tentative), turkey 4 days, broiler 1 day.

50g per pack, 10 packs per box, 12 boxes per carton. For other formats, please contact.

We recommend storing the product in tightly closed and opaque container containers.

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